About Us (1)

Our Approach

Zoё Wallace and Danielle Wallace of Wallace Street Recruitment and Executive Search (Wallace Street) along with their team, are experts nationally and internationally in recruitment and placement of people within the health, ageing and disability sectors. We are trusted and committed recruiters. Respect, dignity and integrity underpin everything we do.

We are driven by our vision, mission and values, to deliver exceptional placements. In all of our dealings, you can expect ethical and sound recruitment practice, integrity, passion, drive and commitment to achieve desired outcomes.

We will partner with you on the best recruitment strategy for your needs. Whether it be using the executive search (headhunting) or an advertising campaign.

Our recruitment framework and methodology is recognised as best practice and boutique in style. We know our approach delivers results.

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Site visits and meet the team

We will meet the people that matter for the role. We will personally take a brief for the role, preferably on-site and get a deep understanding of what is needed.

Advice you can trust

We will advise on the best recruitment strategy to suit the role you are recruiting for. With our honesty and a genuine desire to place top talent, you are in safe hands.

Wallace Street Recruitment and Executive Search Screening

We personally conduct a comprehensive screening on all candidates, before putting them forward for a role. We are committed to finding the best fit for both the organisation and the candidate.

A global network

Our talent is drawn from our local and international candidate pool. Our clients are well respected nationally and/or within each Australian State or Territory.

Our technology

We have invested in innovative technology that is a market leader and a sound risk management tool for our business and our customers. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and our customer success management (CSM) software are market leaders internationally. These systems provide security and enable you and Wallace Street Recruitment to feel confident with our streamlined approach.

Industry Bodies

We are members of and work closely with a significant number of industry bodies within the health, aged, disability and recruitment industries. This provides us with contemporary and relevant industry information.