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Our Talent Testimonials

I would like to thank Danielle and Zoё Wallace. They were exceptionally thorough, honest and professional, throughout my whole recruitment experience. From my initial onboarding, when I was working as a Research Registered Nurse in the Public Hospital sector, to my interviews with clients and placement as a New South Wales State Manager within the health, home and community sector, they were supportive and the process was seamless.  I recommend Wallace Street Recruitment to all candidates and clients.


NSW State Manager

I would like to thank Danielle and Zoe of Wallace Recruitment for being my trusted partners throughout my recruitment journey. I appreciate all the efforts they put in to help me land my first job as an Australian Registered Nurse! They have been very thorough, efficient and professional since day one. The amount of support that I receive from them is exceptional- they are very responsive with my concerns and showed genuine interest in getting me into a hospital where skills and experience best fit in. They always keep communication lines open which is very important for me. I am thankful that I met and engaged with them. They paved the way in fulfilling my Australian dream! They are excellent in what they do and they have my most noteworthy recommendation


Critical Care Registered Nurse

Wallace Street Recruitment agency has changed my mind about recruiters. Wallace Street Recruitment is everything you hope for when you look for a new job. I was particularly impressed by Danielle's ability to cut through the regular bland interactions of recruiters and quickly assess people's skills and attributes that determine a good fit in terms of culture and personality.  Zoё and Danielle are warm, professional and they rapidly put people at ease to get a real sense of whom they are recruiting and what employers are truly looking for. VERY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  THANK YOU, DANIELLE AND ZOЁ


Critical Care Registered Nurse

I feel very fortunate to have met Wallace Street Recruitment at the start of this year 2020. Since day one, they have been so remarkably helpful in making me achieve my goal of moving over to Australia with my family. What struck my confidence in them was not just their ability to find a suitable workplace for me based on my skills or work experience, but their passion in getting to know me or any candidate better so they can match it with the best possible employer(s) who are able support my personal values.


The combination of Danielle and Zoe’s expertise is beyond superb, that every step of the process is dealt strategically to tailor to both employers and employees best interest. One thing I can also truthfully say was that I was comfortable with their professional presence. They were transparent but objective, and would listen to any concerns from point A to point B. Their insights were so on-point, that it really brought out the best in me.


Knowing them was such a milestone for me and my family and I will always be grateful for their exceptional service. 


Clinical Nurse Specialist -Perioperative

Thank you for your assistance in finding the right opportunity for me!  I really valued the time you took to walk me through the processes and carefully considered my skill set and experience.  I appreciated Wallace Street Recruitments’ honesty and ability to source a suitable position in a health care facility for me that I love. I really want to thank Danielle and Zoё for thoroughly screening and interviewing me and, assisting me through the whole recruitment process, which I couldn’t get from any other recruiters or agencies.  The great news is that, getting employer sponsorship as and overseas candidate in this difficult time is greatly appreciated and is all about the efficiency and hard work of the Wallace Street Recruitment team. Thank you again for the great opportunity!


Critical Care Registered Nurse

I have had the pleasure to be helped out by Wallace Street Recruitment.  It has not been just a matter of finding me a suitable job for me. They have also helped me out after getting offered a position with the hospital, but also looking for accommodation, sorting out paperwork, etc. Zoë and Danielle have fully supported me throughout the whole process and on every single step, from sorting out paper work to sharing with me vital information about where to access immigration policies, to being there for any issues I could have. They knew I was new in the country and I have no family over here or a big network of friends, so they have looked after me as I was a close friend or even a family member. I have signed a great contract with a very good hospital in the city I always wanted to live in. I cannot thank Wallace Street Recruitment enough for their support and guidance. I totally recommend their services to any health professional interested in making a big progress in their career.


Clinical Nurse Specialist -Perioperative